A Little Something

There is something in all of us which drives us. Driving us forward each day of our lives.

We aren’t always happy, nor are we sad. We just keep going forward. Something drives us forward. Some may be able to pinpoint that little something and be able to put it in to words. Others just feel it.

Curiosity drives us forward, propels us up and down paths we never knew existed. Scientists are driven forward to find the answers. They are curious beings constantly driven to discover and understand more. Thank God for the scientists. I am not a scientist.

Engineers work towards building the instruments and tools needed to further the science. They got us to the moon and back and beyond now. They’ve done what we never thought possible – yet. Something inside someone drove their curiosity forward. Thank God for the engineers. I am not an engineer.

There was a little something inside Jonas Salk which propelled him forward with his research to find a cure for polio. Thank God for people like Jonas Salk. I am not Jonas Salk.

There is a little something inside the people of Italy – besides the horrid coronavirus. A little something which will propel them forward, over the bell curve. A little something which can be seen in snippets on the internet of a country. People standing on balconies and hanging out windows singing, playing music, coming together despite having to be all be in isolation. Resilience.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

There is little something inside all of us and hopefully that little something will help us all get through these wild, weird and difficult times. Whether dealing with a daily family crisis, global pandemic or both, there is a little something inside each of us, we just have to dig deep. Perhaps, some may have to dig a little deeper than others to find that little something, but it’s there. If we just keep digging, we’ll find it.

Stay healthy everyone!

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During our lifetime, we are all on some sort of quest or another. A search for something. From the time we are born our very first quest begins, the quest for knowledge. What’s this? What’s that? What does this taste like? What does this mean? What does that mean?

The word ‘quest’ originates, according to Dictionary.com, back 1275-1325 Middle English. It was a derivation from the Old French word ‘quester’ which emerged from the Latin ‘quaerere’, meaning ‘to seek’. We are constantly seeking something.

There have been quests undertaken by mankind throughout our short history. From the knights and their quest for the Holy Grail to the men and women of NASA who successfully achieved their quest to explore our moon. Their successors continuing to explore further into our expanding universe in that ultimate and never ending quest for knowledge that we all have to know what’s out there and are we alone.

We are curious beings. We want to know more about everything. Our thirst for knowledge unquenched is one of our most powerful quests constantly driving us.

Life can be difficult. We are all on a roller coaster which we don’t control the steep highs and lows and velocity of speed at which things are thrown at us. We just have to hold on. Some people like to have their eyes open – others shut tight. I keep mine open – WIDE OPEN. Trying to see what’s coming ahead so I can prepare myself somehow. The quest for control as powerful the one for knowledge. The two go hand in hand, knowledge is power and power helps give you control.

A few years ago we moved from living in Connecticut full time to living in New Hampshire. A huge change in our daily lives, it was the perfectly timed step back we needed in our lives. To some it seemed sudden, but I had started a new quest quietly online two and half years before we made the actual move. Almost daily would take out my iPad and scour Realtor.com searching for our next step home. Vermont? Maine? New Hampshire? I researched and read about this town and that town, loving every minute of the journey to what ultimately would be my dream. I just had no idea at the time what that actually looked like or where that would be.

Another quest I have been on that any others are also on, is one that will give me not only knowledge but some control as well. My quest is that of being able to achieve a calmness within myself. We live in a chaotic world and there is so much that we can not control that it can get overwhelming at times. Whether it’s your kids having a problem that you are trying to help them overcome or suddenly facing a global pandemic which threatens the lives of every individual on the planet. Life can be very scary at times. Thus my quest to learn the ability to achieve a state of calmness in the face of a storm. This is an ongoing quest which I feel will probably be a lifelong one as well. I have picked up certain tools in my arsenal which have helped my along my journey and I will continue to keep my eyes wide open for more to help me further me in my quest to help me reach my ultimate goal – inner peace.

This is my entry for the Word of the Day Challenge March 14th, 2020.

A year plus later – is anything really better

Its’ been over a year since my last post. In these last 15 months a lot has happened – but when I re-read my March 2009 post it seems that I was not so far off with my thoughts about Obama’s “stimulus” packages and how effective they would be – which as we see 15 month later – weren’t so stimulative after all.
September 2010 and we have unemployment rates still at very high levels = 9.6%. This is higher than any other post-war period in our nations’s history, despite coming out of the recession back in June 2009- this is according to the National Bureau of Economics who made the announcement today.

There’s only so much you can take

It’s been months now since our trip. I’m glad I took so many pictures. The time went by so quickly and there was so much to see and do – not enough time. But thankfully I have the photographs to look back on and reflect. China was an amazing place – so rich in history and culture. The infrastructure which is being put into place over there makes the US seem like a third world country. In the 12 days I was in China and the three major cities I visited in that time – I was overwhelmed in trying to take in so much in such a short period of time. It’s similar to what’s going on today which the Fiscal Crisis – there is so much trying to be done is such a short period of time, it’s hard to absorb it all .
It’s frustrating to see what’s going on in our country today. The blame game in Washington hinders the governments ability to get to the business at hand. Personally I don’t think they should have been as involved as they are now. They have enough problems running things as it was. The stimulus package everyone is keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for the best. The entire country is overwhelmed at trying to comprehend what the hell mess were all in and there certainly is enough blame to go around, but no one seems really to be admitting to it.
I’m concerned for the infrastructure of our relatively young nation. The priorities of some of the earmarks which were ultimately added to the stimulus are questionable when you look at the cost vs. the numbers of jobs that they create. I’m not saying that some of these projects shouldn’t get done – it’s just a matter of doing them later. After all wouldn’t it be better to start with the projects which would create jobs and are important infrastructure strengthening projects?
I have noticed that the politicians when they talk about the stimulus use the phrase “save or create jobs”. To me there’s a big difference between creating and saving. Saving jobs wouldn’t add more jobs to the overall number of jobs in the marketplace – it really means that they want to stop the further downsizing of already existing companies. But this is the best and most effective way for companies to cutback and for the most part all of these companies got too ridiculously big in the first place. Seriously, does Starbucks need to be every other block in Manhattan? I don’t think so and the market has proven so.
Creating jobs would obviously add jobs to the existing marketplace – that is once the existing marketplace has weeded out all excess which has been building up during the bubble years. It’s like your lawn every so often you need to aerate it/poke a few holes in it to allow for the better absorption of water and nutrients. Downsizing has a similar effect of companies – trimming the excess fat from the overall workforce can make a company leaner and meaner, allowing the flow of productivity to unclog.